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Johnny Mnemonic is a Canadian-American cyberpunk action thriller film directed by Robert Longo in his directorial debut. The film stars Keanu Reeves and Dolph Lundgren. The film is based on the story of the same name by William Gibson. Keanu Reeves plays the title character, a man with a cybernetic brain. Johnny Mnemonic is a short story by American-Canadian writer William Gibson, which served as inspiration for the film of the same name. The short story first appeared in Omni magazine in May , and was subsequently included in 's Burning Chrome, a collection of Gibson's short fiction. It takes place in the . Action · A data courier, literally carrying a data package inside his head, must deliver it before he dies from the burden or is killed by the Yakuza.

26 May This Canadian sci-fi action feature is set in the grim, heavily computerized future. It is the tale of Johnny, a young man with a computer chip implanted in his head. The chip contains a wealth of top-secret information that he must smuggle from Japan to the US. He is pursued by an evil yakuza who wants the. 18 Mar A review of everything we learned about technology the film Johnny Mnemonic, which is unquestionably the greatest science fiction cyberpunk epic starring Keanu Reeves. Yeah, I said it. 15 Aug One of the few big-screen adaptations of William Gibson's sci-fi, Johnny Mnemonic was largely ignored at the box-office. Kyle looks back.

26 May "Johnny Mnemonic" is one of the great goofy gestures of recent cinema, a movie that doesn't deserve one nanosecond of serious analysis but has a kind of idiotic grandeur that makes you almost forgive it. Based on a story by William Gibson, the father of cyberpunk fiction, it has the nerve to pose as a. Johnny Mnemonic was a data trafficker who has undergone cybernetic surgery to have a data storage system implanted in his head. The system allows him to store digital data too sensitive to risk transmission on computer networks. To keep the cargo secure, the data is locked by a password known.


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