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IT was Phish's third festival at the decomissioned Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, ME. Loring Air Force Base has history of UFO encounters (October 27 , ). The “Tower Jam” on 8/2/03, gave those at Loring another Close Encounter of the Third Kind. By the summer of , Phish had formed a special relationship. It was played at % of live Phish shows. It was last played August 2, , which was shows ago. There have been shows since the live debut. “ Tower Jam” has been played approximately once every shows. Since its debut, “Tower Jam” has been played, on average, once every shows. It was played 1. 29 Jun Often called "The Great Gag In The Sky", the IT Tower Jam is one of the most legendary and surprising Phish moments of all time. In fact, this type of stunt will rank among the greatest of all time- in any setting, with any band, at any time. In a time where Phish may have.

4 Dec It had been rumored all day that the annual “late night” set would take place atop the air traffic tower that still stood on the defunct Air Force base. By the time the show happened, everyone all but knew this would go down after the show, and it seemed a hell of a lot cooler than jamming on a moving truck or. Tower Jam. Loring Commerce Center at Loring Air Force Base - Limestone, ME. Phish. Menu. Tickets for Curveball, Phish's Eleventh Festival August in Watkins Glen, NY, are on sale now. Complete Details · BUY TICKETS · ← back to “I adust an effects pedal during the tower jam. Either or delay feedback or delay rate.”.

It was an extreme recontextualization of familiar cultural icons, delightfully disorienting and appropriately surreal. Even with the wealth of sideshows, sights, and displays, nothing was more mindblowing than the Tower Jam, which started at 2 A.M. For the next hour, Phish jammed freeform in a shimmering, ambienttechno.


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