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An OVA special came with the Kikaider 01 DVD called The boy with the Guitar: Kikaider vs Inazuman (ギターを持った少年 -キカイダーVSイナズマン-, Gitā o motta shōnen - kikaidā VS inazuman -) which teamed Kikaider with Inazuman, another superhero created by Shotaro Ishinomori. It was based on the manga chapter of. Kikaider The Animation is a 4 episode OVA sequel to Android Kikaider: The Animation. It is. The tokusatsu series was followed by Kikaider 01, which focuses on a new Kikaider model of the same name who goes under the civilian identity of Ichiro. An OVA version of Kikaider 01 was also produced which serves as a sequel to the first anime series, but despite the title, focuses more on Jiro than Ichiro. A spinoff movie.

Looking for information on the anime Kikaider 01 The Animation (Kikaider The Animation)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active Soundtrack is once again masterpiece tottaly surpass first one espeacially the final 4th ova creadits is just jaw drop. Lets get quick with the new characters in the series. The four-part OVA Kikaider 01 begins sometime after the episode animated TV series, apparently in the middle of the story. Android Jiro/Kikaider, Reiko, and Akira appear out of nowhere, fleeing a horde of fish-shaped mecha. Akira is the son of the nasty Dr. Gill and the "key" to Gill's ultimate weapon, the giant robot. The Anime followed more of the manga, with a darker nature of Jiro's reason to exist. It was followed by said 4-episode OVA series, which was the finale. Afterwards, there was also an OVA special which teamed Kikaider with Inazuman , another classic manga/tokusatsu superhero created by Shotaro Ishinomori (This latter.


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